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Little Building Blocks is a family owned and operated early childhood center that focuses on providing a safe, fun, and nurturing space for all children. 


Our Core Values


Family Focused

  • Respect families as part of your classroom.

  • Build positive relationships with children and families.

  • Communicate effectively with children and families.

  • Provide a safe environment for all children.

Inspire Others

  • Have fun and bring a smile with you!

  • Be a great example because children are great imitators.

  • Teach children how to think not what to think.

  • Make children feel important.

Be Passionate

  • Bring a positive attitude to your class and peers each day.

  • Seek out opportunities for professional and personal development.

  • Love what you do and do it well.

  • Be an advocate for children.


Offer Support

  • Be a support system for peers.

  • Offer suggestions & resources for peers & families.

  • Be flexible with your time as you may need someone else to be.

  • Share your ideas. Be open and honest and come to the table with suggestions.


Be Trustworthy

  • Treat all children & peers with respect.

  • Speak positively to and about others.

  • Keep family & staff information private.

  • Bring concerns to the appropriate people.


Nurture Others

  • Be a positive inner voice for children.

  • Teach children with a positive attitude even when they make it difficult.

  • Recognize & nurture children’s potential, strengths & differences.

  • Enrich children’s experiences by offering a wider range of possibilities.

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